Xfinity X1

Animated Logo + Print

Comcast is always trying to hit that mark of premium services represented through premium design and service. I can’t speak to all of it, but I have done a number of projects for the media giant over the years. For the X1 project, we were tasked with continued development of the X1 Branding and developed an intro animation that pulls all aspects of media and entertainment into a single 15 second bumper.

We created the new X1 Logo in 3D and developed a material and lighting language that would be used for subsequent campaigns still being featured as part of the advertising campaign for the service. This project features that final X1 logo built for print spec and then utilized in a short on-air bumper for the introduction of the service. All of your media content in one place; internet, tv, phone, home, need representation as a crucial selling point to the identity. No simple request to be sure.

Xfinity X1 Animation and Print