Nike Talon

Design / Direction

The Nike Zoom Alpha Talon was a milestone for the gang in Beaverton. These shoes were constructed using their new flyknit construction and represented an entirely new way to fabricate the upper. On top of that, a new padded shirt on their “Pro Combat” line was also coming out. So, the Nike team approached us at Superfad to develop an ad campaign that would show off this revolutionary shoe and shirt.

Since both of these products were hyperbolic in their own right, we wanted to extend the spirited metaphors into their own larger-than-life extrapolations. Cleats become drills, padding becomes a good set of landing gear and the ventilation perforation on the shirt turn into massive wind turbines. These technology vignettes were done in a way to capture the idea of the technology and make it more relatable in an impactful way. Hell yes I want drills on my shoes!

Nike Talon Product Video