Lights Out with David Spade

Creative Direction

The man, the myth, the legend. Mr Spade has created quite the reputation for himself over the years and certainly with good reason. I would imagine everyone knows the name David Spade. So when Mr Spade wants a new show on Comedy Central, you say yes, and when he wants a quick, snappy show package to go along with it, you say yes again. That’s exactly what we created here for the comedy legend on his new show “Lights Out”. Nothing too flashy but quick and precise. With Spade and the show runners, we developed a kit that would wrap the show with some sweet motion design.

Lights Out with David Spade is a late-night show that covers all forms of current events and happenings to which Spade has bristling commentary in his signature style. This isn’t your typical late night comedy show nor does this resemble anything similar to a comedy news show. This is all About Spade and his sarcastic swagger skewering all the stupid things in a weeks news cycle. Oh, and he brings his friends along as added guns.

Network toolkits are all about the process and collaboration from start to finish. It’s an aspect that always pulls the best out of an otherwise amorphous project. To really find the best interplay of design and photography or motion and timing, you’ve really got to know your subject and your audience. In this case, we wanted to highlight marketing photography and push and angle of irreverence fused with confidence and sharp opinion. After all, Lights Out is all about current events and commentary with some of Spade’s closest friends. This package needs to embody the camaraderie and sophistication that comes with these high-profile guests.

In the end, we create elements for the show including Intro, Lower thirds, OTS graphics, Frames, and transitions. These all feed into graphics both on camera and on set. A versatile toolkit that gets the job done, in style. Major props to designer/animator Andrew Schreiber who absolutely killed this one.

Lights Out with David Spade Show Graphics