Concept Design

Let's get real for a second. The creative processes can get weird...

What starts out as a photograph of a particularly gross looking rock quickly inspires a short written narrative about the impact of global warming. How did this happen? I'm not entirely sure, nor am I even sure if any of it makes any sense but for the purpose of my own personal site, I would like to share it with you.

In doing so, I trust you will keep it secret. The internet is a rowdy place already and the last thing I need is more rowdiness. All that aside, the Sentinel project has been my longest lasting creative exercise. The concept art and design frames here are both dirty and unique. Some mashups, some concept paintings, and some random bits of thought. It's all here, except of course the story, it's not done yet. I'm not sharing that until it's done. God knows when that will be...

The tryptic design frames seen above were an exercise in composition and form. Nothing crazy going on here, just screwing around. Move along...

...Actually wait, I did like how they turned out. These were in-fact the catalyst into the much larger narrative to follow.

This stuff is kind of cool. I do enjoy a good matte painting and any excuse to sit down and knock one of these out, I take it. The narrative backstory for the Sentinel project is still locked away but suffice it to say, a mysterious object is found at different points around our world. What it's doing here, where it come from, and what it's made of is a mystery rooted in the hubris of humanity.

Not entirely sure of the consequences surrounding these mysterious objects, our brave scientists endeavor to learn the mystery surrounding them. When will it all be revealed to us? Just as soon as I get the short film finished. Don't worry, I'll post it here.

Sentinel Concept Design