Design / Direction

These guys are kind of a big deal. No, they aren't related to any Lord of the Rings fan group, even though their name might suggest it. They are a private data securities and strategies firm that tends to work a lot with the US government. Sounds secretive because it is. These guys are trying to help lock down data security and revolutionize data collection.

So when Palantir approaches us at Royale with a project rooted in some other design jobs we've done, we've kinda surprised and equally excited. Who doesn't want to work with a top secret data strategies firm largely funded by the CIA? The job? not exactly super secret spy shit, but still bad-ass. Create a puff piece that shows off the connected culture of Palantir in an exciting and cinematic journey.

So we set to it, made an animated piece that could be used as a bumper in presentations and captured that cinematic charm. Data, data, everywhere. So much data. At the end of it, everything is connected even that Prius you drive to the local co-op. Airports need it for logistics, highway infrastructure is starting to use it for traffic control, and the media industry is beginning to realize there is more to data analytics than an impression. What's an impression? well, that's a whole different story.

We're talking backbone data logistics here. The stuff you don't see. The general public doesn't know a thing about it and the spooks love it. Building out a design language for this project revolves around a radial data hurricane, as we called it. It's pretty simple really, as you collect more data, the ring completes itself and a new, larger ring is started. With these tests we developed a system found in the spot that continuously expands and builds as those data sources roll in.

Palantir Trade Show Intro