Oculus Rift

Design / Direction

This whole VR thing has gotten pretty big. That might be an understatement. But when putting on a VR headset, we become transported mentally to an entirely new place. Our mind helps the illusion along by filling in the gaps and our escapist drive enables that feeling of complete immersion. VR is an experience long in the making but only with the advent of the Oculus Rift has it made a big enough push into the mainstream to become a viable personal experience. We are at the forefront of creating unique experiences that can transport our psyche into wholly unique places and situations.

For Oculus, we needed to help create a demonstration of their latest advancement, the Touch Controllers. These hand-held controllers that look fitting for a place on the starship Enterprise, are a unique blend of tracking, touch, pressure, and axis inputs. The form factor alone is it’s own unique design established from common hand gestures and positions for interacting with objects and the world around us. These are not your typically game pads so a product demonstration was crucial to convey all the tech masked just below the surface.

The product video demanded a sense of serenity and an edge of future tech. By pushing our stylistic sensibilities into the minimalist and clean world, we were able to let the Touch controllers really stand out. The environment falls back into its own white world with touches of livable details crucial at conveying a relatable sensibility. The camera and editorial were designed to be smooth and simple. By pulling the viewer along with moments of dream-like photography we convey that sense of refined focus one might experience while in the Rift. These controllers are really meant to be an extension of the human body while in the VR landscape.

Small technical details and animations were added to help showcase invisible features like tracking and pressure sensitivity. These animations were kept clean and minimal. We’re not trying to impress with frivolous animation here. Everything designed in this spot was done so with great care and restraint and most importantly, it all has a reason for existing.

Oculus Touch Product Demonstration Video