Modern Love

Creative Direction

Love is a fickle beast. In one moment you feel an overwhelming joy and in the next, that joy turns to indigestion as the hotdog you picked up back on 45th has other plans. Where do we truly find our love in this increasingly global and connected world? It’s a question the Modern Love column in the New York Times deals with quite frequently. It’s also one that Amazon Studios wanted to explore in their series of the same name for Amazon Prime Video.

We were invited to help create a marketing toolkit for the live action show destined for greatness. Packed with an all-star cast and backed with truly moving stories around the subject of love, we endeavoured to create a design language that would feel right at home next to those two quintessential words; “Modern” and “Love”.

Our toolkit consisted of a multitude of marketing graphics and materials used for all forms of communication. From social channels to on-air bumpers, we helped design a type language, color pallet, and overall tone direction that would embrace the tone of the show. A soft color pallet with warm highlights and cool washes would help set the stage for typography that felt both playful and sincere.

With beautifully shot episodes and a rich cast, we wanted to make sure the designs could stand on their own when they had to and take a supporting role when it was all about the shot. A clean layout and solid grid framework would become the backbone to our visual language.

Motion played an equally important role given that these would be shown on all sorts of motion outlets. Our approach was clear and concise. The nuanced motion only works when you can feel the breath of the voice being spoken. The kinetic typography keeps focus on the language with a fluid pacing throughout. Simple, clear, and comforting.

The Modern Love toolkit was seen around the world as Amazon Prime Video dropped this highly anticipated show. Billboards to online banner ads and TV spots all utilized various elements from this versatile toolkit. Our approach was to make sure this was possible and no matter the medium needed, Amazon Prime Video would have the tools they needed to make it look good.

Big thanks to the entire Royale team that brought this one to life and Art Director Mike Arcangeli.

Modern Love Show Marketing Toolkit