Washington's Lottery Football


An interesting thing happens when you get a bunch of dudes together in a room and ask them what they would do if they won the lottery. Jet skiis, boats, cars, vacation houses, those are the essentials in a lotto wish-list. So maybe it's not that interesting... Regardless, when you start to bring some of these wish-list items to the funky, hyper-creative minds over at Cole and Weber, you get some interesting mashups. Washington’s Lotto and Cole and Weber are always a creative bunch so teaming up to make a few fun VFX spots and some interactive games was kind of a dream job.

Lotto Football was one such project within a much larger campaign. In football, we created massive football player exo-suits give even the puniest of us an opportunity to level with the heaviest linebacker. I’m featuring it here because it really pushed design and campaign integration to a new level. We built out the typical 30sec spot with alts and a hand full of banners to go along with it. The real interest was in the interactive webGL fame we built in tandem to give people an opportunity to run the football gauntlet in a “runner” type game all souped up to look like a retro throwback.

The VFX spot was a fun overnight shoot with bouts of snow and freezing conditions. To create our exo-suits and retain a level of surprise, we simply shot professional football players. When the player starts to come apart like a mechanized robot, the viewer sees a side to a lotto wish-list never really thought of before. Realism be damned!

I developed a series of concept art shots detailing out the mechanized robot as well as UI accompaniments on the player's wrist screen. These designs are cept simple and purposeful revealing a play list in conjunction with vital signs and overall play controls.

The interactive component was all about creating that classic “runner” style game where your controls are left to left and right motion avoiding the other players. We included a “sprint” button just to keep the game interesting. In developing the game, it was crucial that it be played on all devices including mobile. Developing the experience in webGL gave us that flexibility.

The design was derived from the wrist screen developed for the VFX spot. Minimalist graphics with rich animation accent an otherwise throwback style. We wanted to achieve just a hint of nostalgia in a game that borrowed more modern design sensibilities.

In the end, the traditional spots ran before films in all major cinemas around the state of Washington. An additional feature included a “shazam” integration where people watching the spot could pull out their phones and let shazam listen and send them directly to the football game. For all of those millennials, I’m looking at you, we know your phone is out all of the time anyways, might as well see if you can throw down the gauntlet.

Also, Level 4 is basically impossible. Good luck with that!

Washington's Lottery Campaign