Direct TV

Reactive Video Installation

So, Direct TV has this swanky office down in LA but they didn’t have a very swanky entrance to it. Back when we were all getting bored of the plain-old doors we started putting revolving doors in everything then automatic doors (cue Star Trek theme). Now, Direct TV wanted to spice up their entrance but needed something a bit more, current, and related. So what better way to show off your media streaming empire than engulf visitors in a literal wave of media.

The Direct TV Media wave entrance is built mostly out of an LED grid recessed behind frosted glass panels made to diffuse the light. At the entrance is the opening to the pipe and as a visitor walks through, the wave straightened out into a 4K screen when showcases designed content. Our brief was to design something that could be shown on the low-res LED wall and have it connect to the high-res 4K display at the end.

My proposal for Direct TV was a reactive video wall experience built from panels that would push towards and recede away from passers by. The panels would directly correlate to the size of the physical glass panels giving the illusion that just behind the glass was a membrane of moving paneled pieces. As people walked down the pipe we would animate these panels to their indirect motion.

The wall itself does not include any interactive elements or sensors. Our proposal simply utilized their security camera feed as a motion tracker to drive the wall animation system. The high-res display at the end would be a rendered animation that correlates to the display wall. This reactive and mixed concept pulls both display contexts into one experience tailored made for eachother.

Direct TV Design Proposal